Work with natural elements of dance/movement
to which we all have access.
Tap your creative and innate capacity to heal.


Discover LivingDance~LivingMusic™


Dr. Danielle L. Fraenkel's unique approach to dance/movement therapy frees people to address the spectrum of concerns from problems that interfere with daily living to the desires to grow and to self-actualize.
Dr, Fraenkel and Mr. Jeffrey Mehr facilitate experiences in LivingDance~LivingMusic, LivingDance~LivingMusic generates body confidence, provides the freedom to relate to others without worrying about what they think, and brings the value of moving expressively to everyone.
You do not need dance training, talent, or
athletic prowess to achieve these goals. All
you need is time and the willingness to
experiment with the natural elements of
dance and movement innate in you, whatever
your experience and career.

Pursue the alternate route to certification


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Before sending inquiries, please take a moment to look over the FAQs and Schedule of Courses. There is a good chance you will find the answer to your question without further trouble!

People who want to study dance/movement therapy, but cannot leave home to pursue their dream, can follow it at Kinections. We offer all the dance/movement therapy courses required for certification in intensive 2.5 – 7 day classes. Our hybrid classes combine both on-line and residential components. The American Dance Therapy Association has approved all of them.

Students may take as many or as few courses at a time as they wish. We have rolling admissions, so you can apply for our program at any time.

Practicing dance/movement therapists report benefiting anytime they take one of our courses as continuing education.





Find the healing inherent in dance through dance/movement therapy and counseling

 As a licensed creative arts therapist and a licensed mental health counselor, Dr. Danielle Fraenkel, aka Dr. Dance, combines dance, movement, mindfulness (or kinesthetic sensing), music, and conventional counseling techniques to focus on problems as diverse as stress, anxiety, mood disorders, relationship problems, eating disorders, creative blocks, and problems with verbal communication.
Dr. Fraenkel works with adolescents and adults both individually and in groups.  You do not need training or talent in dance or music to benefit from Dr. Fraenkel’s multidisciplinary approach to healing. You probably had the skills you will work with before you went to kindergarten. At Kinections you can reclaim them, working in the way that works best for you.