·        — Kinections is the only free standing institute in the USA that offers all the dance/movement therapy (DMT) courses required for certification in DMT.

·       — Both novice and seasoned DMTs who have taken the courses rave about them.

·       — Outstanding faculty who are experts in the topics they teach.

·       — Freedom to plan your own educational timetable—You may take as many courses as you wish each time you come to Kinections.

·       — Building relationships with peers from all over the USA and other parts of the world (e.g., Canada, Colombia, Hong Kong, Greece, India, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, etc.) and who are also pursuing dance/movement therapy certification via the Alternate Route.

·       — Hybrid courses that combine classes via interactive video--‐conferencing classes and in--‐person classes at Kinections.

·  — — Dance classes in the evening including belly dancing and contemporary dance at Kinections, and at other studios in the neighborhood.

·        — Kinections is located in Imagine Square on the main street of Rochester, NY’s Neighborhood of the Arts. Cafés, boutiques, museums, and housing are only minutes from Kinections.