Must have or must pursue a master’s degree in a relevant area; receive transcript or certificate of course completion that Kinections submits to DMT Certification Board

Intensive 2-7 day courses that foster flexibility and the freedom to plan your education so that it does not interfere with your life. No need to  move permanently or give up a job.

Alternate Route Approval Committee has approved all the courses as meeting requirements for the Alternate Route DTR credential.

Teachers are willing to come from different parts of the country so students get intensive exposure to a wide variety of approaches to dance/movement therapy.
Students from approved programs often come to Kinections' to learn from the experts on our faculty.

Graduate School in DMT

Receive Masters degree in D/MT or MCAT. ADTA awards the R-DMT automatically after they receive the application and confirmation of the completion of courses.

Full-time program.



Six graduate programs have ADTA-approved programs. The rest of the programs must follow the ADTA established alternate route requirements that Kinections follows.

Smaller pool of teachers.