LivingDance often begins by sensing the pulse (the repeating “one” in the music). You learn how to "put your mind in your feet."

Although you are not required to dance, movement evolves naturally. You work with breath, muscle connectivity, and shape, using kinesthetic sensing, creative dance, improvisation, witnessing, and Dr. Donald Epstein's Somato Respiratory Integration™ (SRI). LivingMusic reinforces the process.

As a session, workshop, or intensive progresses, you discover a spectrum of ways to connect to yourself and reclaim your power. A kinesthetic sense of boundaries emerges—one that can provide a foundation for self-assurance, autonomy, and intimacy.

With time, you can move beyond your comfort zone to focus on the parts of yourself that call for more attention. You can experience variations in your breath and discover new ways to embody your feelings. By attending more closely to muscle connectivity and shape, you can learn to move with purpose, valuing both intuition and initiative.

When you work individually, LivingDance awakens sensations and emotions, strengthens the ability to be fully present, and—more often than not—enhances the capacity to project self-confidence. 

When you work as part of a group, LivingDance helps you to discard the internal judge that criticizes and censors. You work instead to build a sense of personal and interpersonal comfort—one that fosters "the freedom to be."